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  • Veronica Frater

    I was born at Hope Hospital in 1944. My sister and brother-in-law still live in that area and my brother-in-law is a parishioner of St Luke's Church. He has been very ill in recent years and is a great admirer of your work. He sent me a card "The Tree of Life" which was done in gratitude on the occasion of your recent award "Freedom of the City of Salford". May I say that this has been long overdue and I do wonder why someone like you has not received a knighthood. Perhaps you don't wish to have one? Many thanks for all you have done for the area and especially for St Luke's Church. Talent like yours is rare so we hope it continues for many years to come. All the very best!

  • Angela Tait

    Remember me? I took you around the Voss area in Norway while you searched for a view to paint for a commission by the Duke of Edinburgh as a gift for King Olaf. I still have the crayon and pen and ink sketch you gave to me. - I treasure it and remember those days well.

  • Karen and James Andrews

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Harold. You are in our hearts and daily prayers.

  • Gary Evans

    Dearest Harold, Since the day our friend John Simpson introduced us at his home near Coombe Hill, I've keenly followed you and been utterly blown away by your stunning and most beautiful sketches, stories and imagery of golf. I was a young man back then and often looked upon the pictures that John had bought from you with significant envy. They were originals and for a golfer like me with a passion for the history of the game, your work simply left me in awe. I realize that life takes us in different directions and I'll forever be thankful to you for the few moments I've spent in your company. You blew me away and I feel hugely privileged to have witnessed you in action. You're one of the kindest, sweetest, most humble, yet talented human beings I've ever had the pleasure to meet and I'd like to wish you every success with your archive but more importantly, wish you health and happiness for the future. Very best wished, your friend, Gary.

  • John H Bertrand

    To our Dear Friend, Harold Riley, Harold, it is 3 am and the winds blow steadily as they have for three days now. While first light is four hours away, I can see the leaves as they reach our windows. Chautauqua Lake and the weather here. I remember our walks along the green of the fairways and our talk about weather and how it reboots everything. Our very best to you old friend. Love, Victoria and John Bertrand

  • les shorthose

    I have a pencil print of the salford knocker up think my late friend knew Mr Reilly and did it for him how can I get it checked out

  • Lena Bolliger Bergqvist

    What a great web page! My family got to know you and your nice family through your "little brother" Michael when he worked on the Swedish west coast now many years ago. To my great delight there is since then a water colour picture of a windmill - Stordal - on the isle of Tjörn with the inscription Harold Riley 1978 "To Barry + Lena" in the living room!

  • Sylvia Davis (nee Procter)

    I lived in Hassop Avenue, Lower Kersal, Salford many years ago. I went to Broughton High School for Girls. I had a brother Harold who Harold and Michael.probably knew. They lived very close to us. I left Salfird in the 1950's and have lived in Germany amongst other places. It is truly delightful to see how well Harold Riley has done. He has had a fantastic career. I remember his mum and dad. His father was a musician I believe. Michael Riley was the same age as me. We went to Liqer Jersal school. I must try to visit his premises. I still read about Salfird but how it has changed. I now live in Richmond, Surrey.

  • Lynne Hobbs

    For a time in the late 50's or early 60's, Harold Riley was my art teacher at Ardwick Technical High School. One day Albert Finney came to visit - that was more exciting than class! Sadly, I was probably his least artistic student and my Dad did most of my art homework.

  • Janette Dye ( then Lomas)

    I speak about your influence on my art very often. I always wanted to paint then life took over, which was also good but now Im back to my painting and even though at the moment my work is more of a graphic abstract I thank you for your time and energy in showing me that passion. My next body of work will be of my home town and city hopefully showin its rugged yet sophisticated way of life. Thank you again for teaching me in Buile Hill park Best wishes Janettexx

  • pru

    What a wonderful site, wonderful works, I met Harold many many years ago (and Michael)l and have never forgotten, I send my very best regards to both, PRU

  • alan nuttall

    I actually live in alberta canada, I left UK in 1982 my closest friend in England was Chris Sims,another Artist from Salford, he spoke highly of you and was very proud to have Harold as a friend. I am pleased that I have at last found a way to connect you via your guestbook.

  • Scott Corner

    The most prized photographs of my younger days and those of my brother feature the 2 of us aged 4 and 6 playing football beneath the blossoms in Light Oaks Park.It will have been in 1975 or 1976.They were shot by you in black and white and clearly capture a moment in time often long forgotten.I am Scott Corner and my brother is Paul. Our Mother is Susan. We lived on Rudyard Road until moving away a number of years later.I live away but your work often brings me back to my younger days.I vividly recall being sent to "Cliffs" for occasional items.I have just seen your drawing and it instantly registered.This archive of your work is wonderful and a testament to days gone by in Salford.

  • frances white

    We are a large Salford family who lived in your neighbour hood of Irlams o'th the height. We have been very privileged to have met yourself and your lovely family over the years, my number 4 sister is celebrating her 60th birthday and we would love to buy her some of your art / print work of Salford scenes over the years. we love your work and your ability to draw people into your scenes, I have a lovely little card you gave me of Hannah's prayer. please could maybe some of your dedicated staff guide us as what to select.

  • Gina Wallis

    In the 70's my mum, Barbara Rand, worked as an administrator for a picture framers - I THINK they were called Collinsins. My mum talked about Lowry and Riley in the same sentence - they both ( I think) used the framers. Dad key myomere fief of cancer she'd just 50 in 1978 but myomere of your work lives on. I have loved their work ever since but never realised that Harold would still be alive. I remember my great gran taking me across the Irlam to visit relatives in Salford and your picture capture that early time of the 1950's. I have just watched the Big Painting Challenge and astonished to find Harold alive and well - how wonderful to think my mum knew then how good you were /are!! Thank you.

  • Janette Dye ( then Lomas)

    I too used to take the class at Buille Hill park on Saturday mornings in the late 1960's. My brother had enrolled and even though I was a little young Mr Riley allowed me to join the class. I have very fond memories of those days and because of that I am still painting. Thank Harold Riley.

  • Derek

    Electrician,don`t know how i have landed here, so might as well comment, i Kept Harolds lights burning so he could Paint, Called Out many times, as i remember, studio on left hand side , kitchen on the right, always went right as thats where i got a brew

  • Ray Ogden

    I wonder if Harold could cast his mind back to 1962 or so, when he had a club in the Buille Hill museum? I can remember one Saturday morning he did a sketch portrait of me and can he remember such an occaision?

  • Lee

    Dear "Draftsman" and Ashraf, We miss seeing you and hearing from you. The twins ask about you all the time. All the children doing well. Ron, my son, has the skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding bulldog "Tillman" who is a you tube sensation all over the world. I wish you could see that dog- going on 9 years old now Tillman won the two international surfing contests he entered last year. Recently, "Tillman" received the "hot dog" award hosted by George Lopez and was on the tele last night. Stephanie is working, married now, back in Virginia working for George Mason University. Kimberly has become quite the lighting director on tour with major productions, Peter Pan, Imagine dragons, Kid Rock, Flash Dance and currently Dirty dancing as video director touring the US. She loves it. Saw them the holidays.My daughter, married with two children lives in west Los Angeles working with Pacific Advisors as a financial manager. Greg and David, Jeri's two boys both single now and working. Bridget married 1994, now mother of two girls the oldest Kelly, a sought after water polo player (goalie) deciding on where she wants to attend college next year. Between us now 9 grandchildren. We lost our two big dogs, King and Tequila and are down to one little rescue Chiwawa, Tiki. From 13 cats to 3, oldest 21. We love feeding the local animals, Jeri cuts fresh grapes every night for our masked visitors and their little ones- very funny. Still helping the children with her charity while I work away. Please let us know all is well with you, Ashraf and family. we send our love as always.

  • Karen Andrews

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Riley when working with the Alfred Dunhill team during the Masters golfing tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1995 and being introduced to the world of 'golf art'. My son James was kindly hosted by Mr and Mrs Riley for a weekend in Salford, Manchester the following year when he was on a gap year in the UK. He holds fond memories of that time. We have both been touched by Mr Riley's wonderful kindness and generosity and look forward to visiting his Salford Gallery in 2015.

  • Jackie Earl

    I have the honour of having Harry as my Godfather. So does my son. He is one of the kindest, most loving and unique human beings I have ever had, or ever hope to have the privilage of knowing in my lifetime. I see the look of wonder and awe on my son's face, as it does on my own, when Harry gets out his pen and starts to draw. As he tells the story, it appears before you on the page and you feel as though you could step right into it and relive the memories with him. Such an incredible gift - and so right that it should be shared with generations to come, both through this amazing new website and the foundation. Love you Harry. Rose. xx

  • Alison Wells

    I have followed Harold Riley since I met him at the tender age of 17 (in the 70'). When I moved away from Manchester my Dad used to send me paper cuttings about exhibitions taking place, I still have some of those together with a programme of a 70's exhibition I attended. I possess a couple of original pieces and was ecstatic to find a print on this website that I have longed to posses, I may yet find a few more to go in my collection, so pleased very to have found this website.

  • Michael.E Riley

    Not bad "our kid'. Greetings from your loving "little brother".

  • Damian Howard F.R.S.A.

    Brilliant job on the new website. It is truly a true reflection on a unique man and a unique artist. Harold captures a view of life and people that no others can match. His subtlety in doing this compliments his kind and endearing life-character.

  • Barbara Clancy M.B.E

    I was born at Hope Hospital on !st May 1935. I lived in Welford Street, Broughton Baptised at St Sebastians. We moved to a new house in Hallwood Avenue when the Lightoaks Estate was built. I went to St Lukes RC School when it was first built. Sister Veronica was the head teacher. I went to Adelphi House Convent School at 11. Went to 5th form Socials with Salford Grammar (next School to Adelphi) and Pendleton High School and De La Salle College) I would have been in the same year as Harold Riley and Albert Finney I'm afraid I remember going to the dances but am vague who went to these dances. As a teenager we used to meet up in Oakwood and Lightoaks Park. I belonged to St Lukes youth Club run by Mr and Mrs Towers. Sadly my father died when I was 15 and it left my mother a widow with 4 daughters alone. her name was Mary Ellen Hodges.. My youngest sister PaulIne (kerrane)still lives in .St Lukes Parish. I have Harold Riley Picture in my home a couple signed by him as I always choose his pictures as a present from my 3 sisters on big Birthday Wedding Anniversaries etc. I am very interested in the works of Harold Riley Love his Stations of the Cross hope to purchase more now my daughter has found this site Iwas married at St Lukes in 1958 by Father O'Shaunessy to Michael Clancy and moved to Stockport where we have lived for the past 56 years. Still love to read about Salford.

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