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Harold Riley’s books are in different forms, most of which are sketchbooks. Over the years he has made studies in the streets of Salford and throughout the world, recording landscapes he has seen and people he has met. The sketchbooks are mostly hand-made and often include grass and flower petals or other memorabilia material relevant to the subject. He has never parted with any of his original sketchbooks but the Riley Archive now intends to publish replicas of these books in limited editions. Subjects vary from complete recordings of places to portraits, sporting events and illustrated letters. As far as is possible, the books will be designed and printed by the artist. Such books as Catalogues Raisonnés of his exhibitions will also be sold.

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Christmas Card

Since his student days, Harold Riley has made his own greetings cards. They have included Christmas, Valentine and letter cards, depicting places, people and still-lifes.

The Riley Archive is now publishing this work in the form of greetings cards and postcards. The subjects are varied and will include landscapes from around the world, religious studies, sporting topics and portraits. They will always be published in limited editions and every card is intended to be a collector’s item.


The Riley Archive has produced a number of films and DVDs appertaining to the work of Harold Riley.  Additionally, a number of documentaries have already been made by the BBC, Granada TV and various independent TV companies.

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